Does it happen to you too?

You start great with your objective in mind, maybe also a plan or at least a to do list or a good resolution.

And then .. too many things to do, too little time, too little energy, life gets over …

And you end up getting lost. Or maybe just getting back to the starting point. Or maybe just not moving forward, like on a threadmill, despite all the efforts.

Want to try something different?
If you always act in the same way then the outcome is likely to be the same

Try this:

1st step:
Find the time.
And get back in touch with what you want.

2nd step:
Use your time (and energy) wisely.
And find the resources that you already have at disposal.

3rd step:
Find the match.
And use your resources in a different way from what you are used to.

Is moving forward by yourself possible?

But you might want to move forward quicker.
Or you might want to share your journey or part of it or a single step with a coach.
Or you might want to make your journey more enjpyable and less tiring

About me

I help you focus on what matters.
I am an ICF ACC coach.
I use the Solution Focus approach: my questions and focus are on what lies beyond the problem.

Costs and packages

One session
1 hour to explore an issue, an objective,
a decision to be taken, …
Euros 70.00

GET A GRIP – basic package
3 sessions to focus the goal and take
the first steps
Euros 180.00

GET IN DEPTH– standard package
7 sessions to focus the goal, set a medium
term strategy and put it into practice
Euros 560.00

GET A BUDDY– marathon package
10 sessions to focus the goal, set a medium
term strategy, put it into practice and remain focused
Euros 560.00

Get in contat!

Elena Berneschi
+39 347 1819739
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